Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit (NTSD) was founded as a private school in 1978 by Carmen and George N'Namdi. The school was a tribute to honor the memory of their fourteen month old daughter, Nataki Talibah N'Namdi, who died in 1974. The names Nataki Talibah are from central Africa. Nataki (Nah-TAH-kee) means of high birth and Talibah (Tah-LEE-bah) means seeker after knowledge ,thus the school's name reflects both an important tribute as well as an expression of aspiration.

From its inception in 1978, Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit introduced itself as something unique. Founder, Carmen N'Namdi, was first recognized for her educational vision in the Detroit News article "People to Watch" in 1979 . She would be acknowledged again, twenty three years later, as Michiganian of the Year in 2006.



As by design , NTSD was created as a school of FAMILIES, not just students. It is a community of inquiry, cultivating the intellect of students, parents, and teachers in an effort to create and organize ideas and possibilities for the future, while preserving three decades of the school's history and traditions.

NTSD is a kindergarten through eighth grade Social Studies Immersion School where civics, economics, history, world cultures, geography, and human behavior are integrated into all subjects in the curriculum. Since 1978, Nataki alumni have resided in countries around the world utilizing the benefits of not only the NTSD foreign language program, but the experiences and knowledge gained from NTSD's global teaching staff as well.

In 1995, the decision was made by the Nataki Talibah Board of Directors to charter Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit as a public school under Central Michigan University. The school now enrolls over 430 students.