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If the number of applicants exceeds the number of slots available, students will be enrolled by lottery.

All remaining applications will  be placed on a waiting list for subsequent openings that may occur before and during the current academic year. 

Siblings of


If an applicant is accepted and has a sibling who also applied, this sibling will be enrolled if slots are available.

If there are no slots available, the sibling will be placed at the top of the waiting list for the current school year.



Those applicants, who are not selected through the lottery for an available slot, will be placed on the waiting list for the grade requested. The waiting list is valid through the current school year ONLY.

We ask you to commit to the Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit Philosophy.



Our discussion based classroom style, and our promotion of independent learning situations are a mandatory part of our school's instructional program.

Parents who are seeking to develop their own philosophy on education and child-rearing and find that the information given at the Introductory Meeting supports their educational philosophy, will benefit the most.


Is our educational philosophy an extension of your educational philosophy?

Are you prepared to attend workshops on the school philosophy and contemporary child rearing issues?

Have you identified what aspects of the Social Immersion Program are of interest to you?

Do you agree that the Arts are essential in education?

Do you have an interest in our Wellness curriculum - such as no red meat in the lunch program, transcendental meditation (rest technique)?

Would you adhere to required uniform policies - Fall /spring (same), winter uniforms, physical education uniforms?

Do you understand why winter and spring camping is a vital part of the curriculum?

Do you view swimming as vital part of a physical education program?

Would you participate in family and adult social outings sponsored by the school's parent organization, Taupe and Tan?

Are you prepared to participate in fundraising activities with other parents?