Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit (NTSD) was founded as a private school in 1978 by Carmen N’Namdi and her husband, George. The school was a tribute to honor the memory of their

14 -month-old daughter, Nataki Talibah N'Namdi, who died in 1974. The name Nataki Talibah is from central Africa.

Nataki (Nah-TAH-kee) means “of high birth”; Talibah (Tah-LEE-bah) means “seeker after knowledge.”  Thus, the school's name reflects both an important tribute and an expression of hope. At its inception in 1978, Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit presented itself as unique. The next year, Ms. N’Namdi was cited for her educational vision in a Detroit News article, “People to Watch.”  She was honored again as a 2007 Michiganian of the Year. She was a founding board member of Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) and the National Charter Institute.

Today she serves on the board of  Michigan Future as well as the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Detroit (MOCAD). By design, NTSD was created as a school for FAMILIES, not just students. It is a community of inquiry, cultivating the intellect of students, parents, and teachers in an effort to create and organize ideas and possibilities for the future, while preserving more than three decades of the school’s history and traditions.


Our educational philosophy and methods

Our middle school-ers declare Majors

Our science program brings in live bats each year and we go winter and spring camping

Our Physical Education program includes swimming

Our Transcendental Meditation program

Our annual Darryl Dickson Philanthropy  Project 

African American history being an integral part of the curriculum

Our fourth grade entrepreneurial program

Our lunches are served in a red-meat-free café

Our annual 5th grade theatrical production

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